Desktop based Ceph cluster for file sharing

July 1st 2013, Heinlein setup a Ceph cuttlefish ( now upgraded to version 0.61.8 ) cluster using the desktop of seven employees willing to host a ceph node and share part of their disk. The nodes are partly connected with 1Gb/s links and some only have 100Mb/s. The cluster supports a 4TB ceph file system

ceph-office$ df -h .
Filesystem                 Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
x.x.x.x,y.y.y.y,z.z.z.z:/  4,0T  2,0T  2,1T  49% /mnt/ceph-office

which is used as a temporary space to exchange files. On a typical day at least one desktop is switched off and on again. The cluster has been self healing since its installation, with the only exception of a placement group being stuck and fixed with a manual pg repair .
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