XiVO client packaging, server source policy and packaging-farm updates

The XiVO Qt client is packaged for Debian GNU/Linux, Windows and MacOsX (prefer the git version over the directory referenced by the wiki). The codebase and the package is being maintained by Corentin Le Gall (aka kaou on irc.freenode.net#xivo). When the code is in a stable state, he logs in a dedicated server and runs the package generation scripts found in the cross directory of the sources (read cross as in cross compilation).

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XiVO server packaging in a nutshell

This is the first post of a series dedicated to XiVO packaging and its associated tools. This is my first attempt at understanding the subject and my knowledge mostly comes from interviewing Nicolas Hicher and Sylvain Boily. If I misrepresented the reality, I would be happy to fix my mistakes.

The XiVO server is available in many flavors :
virtual machines ( Gallifrey install cd, Xen Image … ), deb packages repositories ( as explained in Install XiVO From Scratch or Install XiVO With a CD … ).

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