Safeguard against downgrades in XIVO packages

After submitting an asterisk version with a version lower than the previous one, the packaging-farm created an inconsistent repository. The existing version was


and the version being submitted was


According to dpkg –compare-versions, the version being submitted is actually older than the release candidate -rc2, because – is after + lexicographicaly. This is a mistake and should be replaced by a version number that is higher than the -rc2. But packaging-farm silently ignored the problem and created a bugous package, mixing the sources being submitted with a version number coming from the existing version.A safeguard was added and packaging-farm will now abort with an error message explaining the error and suggesting a course of action.
The 2.0.15 was published and installed on the gallifrey, gallifrey-dev and skaro build machines.

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nodehack : one day javascript minigame

The topic of the game jam organized at was : hacking. A team of three including Iwan Gabovitch (artwork), Rico Possienka (server) and Loïc Dachary (client) implemented the nodehack multiplayer online game. The screen shows computer nodes that must be compromised. The player can click on a node to compromise it, one at a time. When the node falls under her/his influence, the player gets the points associated with the node. The first player reaching 200 points wins the game.
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resolving XiVO submissions confusion

A recuring pattern in the past two weeks has been the need to resolve a situation where the build machines and the associated respositories could not be used because either:

  • the reprepro repository rejected one of the packages found in a build machine because of a checksum error, i.e. because it contained the same version of the package with a different checksum
  • the packaging-farm installed on the build machine claimed it had no work to do
  • packages were not manually submitted to the build machine

In the following each source of confusion is analyzed and clarified.

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Rebuilding XiVO gallifrey

The production version of gallifrey was rebuilt to strip the timestamp and hash. A compilation problem with sangoma-wanpipe blocking the development version of gallifrey was diagnosed. A bug on kernel-modules dependencies was fixed. To avoid confusion the build configuration files were moved to /etc/packaging-farm. The 2.0.13 version of packaging-farm was released with these modifications, installed on all build machines with the associated migrations.

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