My Forgejo monthly update – February 2023

This is my personal view of what happened during February in Forgejo. It took me about five to six hours to write and I find it very useful, to reflect on what happened and to take the time to think about what is ahead. In January it took me another eight hours over a few days to reach out to community members, collect their feedback, learn about what they have done and update the report accordingly. That is the same kind of effort it would take for this blog post to be published in the Forgejo blog. It is unfortunately more than I can sustainably do on a monthly basis but someone else could. I wrote the content of this post in the same style as the January update so that it can be conveniently copy/pasted, should a Forgejo community member be motivated to.

Forgejo, as a software product, is showing signs of doing well. There was a steady stream of stable releases and Forgejo v1.19 is almost ready with an experimental integrated CI, a new documentation and more.

The decision making process was finalized and put to use. For technical decisions such as defining the criterion for pull requests to be merged and appointing the security team.

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