HOWTO valgrind Ceph with teuthology

Teuthology can run a designated daemon with valgrind and preserve the report for analysis. The notcmalloc flavor is preferred to silence valgrind errors unrelated to Ceph itself.

- install:
   project: ceph
   branch: wip-5510
   flavor: notcmalloc

A daemon running with valgrind is much slower and warnings will show in the logs that should be marked as non relevant in this context:

    - slow request
    - clocks
    - wrongly marked me down
    - objects unfound and apparently lost

The first osd is marked to be run with valgrind:

- ceph:
      osd.0: --tool=memcheck

After running teuthology with

./virtualenv/bin/teuthology -v --archive /tmp/wip-5510-valgrind \
  --owner \
  ~/private/ceph/targets.yaml \

errors may show

DEBUG:teuthology.run_tasks:Exception was not quenched, exiting: Exception: saw valgrind issues data:
{duration: 344.2433888912201, failure_reason: saw valgrind issues, flavor: notcmalloc,
  owner:, success: false}

And the valgrind XML report containing the details about the error can be retrieved from the /tmp/wip-5510-valgrind/remote/ubuntu@target1/log/valgrind/osd.0.log.gz
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