from zero to ceph in five seconds

The micro-osd bash script is 91 lines long and creates a Ceph cluster with a single OSD and a single MON in less that five seconds

$ time bash single-osd
starting osd.0 at :/0 osd_data single-osd/osd single-osd/osd.journal
# id    weight  type name       up/down reweight
-1      1       root default
0       1               osd.0   up      1
export CEPH_ARGS='--conf single-osd/ceph.conf'
ceph osd tree
real    0m4.677s

It is meant to be used for integration tests, for example in the context of the openstack-installer puppet manifest to deploy OpenStack. Ceph is configured to run from a directory, on a single host, without cephx, in a non privileged environment and uses about 100MB of disk space.

$ du -sh single-osd/
103M    single-osd/

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