HOWTO debug a teuthology task

To debug a modification to a ceph-qa-suite task ( for instance, a teuthology target is locked with:

$ ./virtualenv/bin/teuthology-lock --lock-many 1 --owner
$ ./virtualenv/bin/teuthology-lock --list-targets --owner > targets.yaml

and used to run the test with:

./virtualenv/bin/teuthology \
  --suite-path $HOME/software/ceph/ceph-qa-suite \
  --owner \
  $HOME/software/ceph/ceph-qa-suite/suites/rados/basic/tasks/repair_test.yaml \

where roles.yaml sets all roles to one target:

- [mon.0, osd.0, osd.1, osd.2, osd.3, osd.4, client.0]

Each run requires the installation and deinstallation of all Ceph packages and takes minutes. The installation part of repair_test.yaml can be commented out and the packages installed manually.

$ cat repair.yaml
#- install:
- ceph:
- repair_test:

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