OpenStack Upstream Training challenges

The OpenStack Upstream Training scheduled november 1st, 2014 in Paris will have a unprecedented number of participants and for the first time there is a shortage of Lego. In addition to the 80 pounds of spare parts (picture fourground), six new buildings have been acquired today (Tower Bridge, Sydney Opera, Parisian Restaurant, Pets Shop, Palace Cinema and Grand Emporium). They will be at Lawomatic for assembly form October 1st to October 31st. Anyone willing to participate please send me an email.

Once this first challenge is complete, the buildings will have to be transported to the Hyatt conference rooms where the training will take place. The rendez-vous point is 8am Lawomatic Saturday November 1st, 2014. Each of us will carefully transport a building (or part of it in the case of the Tower Bridge) in the subway. There will be coffee and croissants upon arrival 🙂

OpenStack Upstream University training

Upstream University training for OpenStack contributors include a live session where students contribute to a Lego town. They have to comply with the coding standards imposed by the existing buildings. More than fifteen participants created an impressive city within a few hours during the session held in may 2013. The images speak for themselves. The next sessions will be in Paris in June and Portland in July.

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Upstream University at the OpenStack summit

Upstream University What if contributing to OpenStack was made a lot easier by a few days of training? You could get this training at Upstream University, which was created shortly after the OpenStack design summit, in April 2012, with this sole goal of improving developers’ contribution skills. Upstream University has since coached new OpenStack contributors, from eNovance and Cloudwatt, developers; for the kernel Linux and many others. OpenStack
To celebrate its first year, Upstream University is organizing a session in advance of the next OpenStack summit, in Portland. If you can fly in two days ahead of the event to spend the weekend improving your OpenStack contribution skills, please consider submitting an application to attend the workshop. This a one-time offer for free training.
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