Candidate XiVO skaro repository for x86_64

Using the same method as described in previous posts for XiVO gallifrey, a XiVO skaro repostory for x86_64 was created. A few packaging problems were fixed and reported but nothing blocked the process. The pf-xivo and pf-xivo-web-interface were successfully installed on a Debian GNU/Linux squeeze sandbox.

XiVO skaro repository for x86_64

Last week Nicolas Hicher completed a release candidate for the i386 XiVO skaro repository. Although the repository claims to support the x86_64/amd64 architecture, the amd64 packages are missing. All the source packages were fetched in an attempt to build a x86_64 repository. The following problems were found and fixed:

A problem on the misdn-kernel modules was left unresolved, in the hope that Nicolas Hicher already knows the solution. A question about an unusual pf-xivo-base-config and pf-xivo-web-interface interdendency was posted for discussion. None of these problems were blockers and their resolution was not mandatory.

Installation on Debian GNU/Linux squeeze

The resulting repository was added as follows to a fresh install of Debian GNU/Linux squeeze:

deb skaro-squeeze main

A single package was missing ( pf-sys-ca ) and required the addition of a repository:

deb lenny-dev main

In the hope of reducing the configuration work, preseed information was extracted from the debian-installer XiVO repository and applied as follows:

wget -O installed.cfg ';a=blob_plain;f=squeeze/installer.cfg;hb=6ee3ad5851ea7c0bb841cbd05e53835f483dd867'
debconf-set-selections < installed.cfg
wget -O pkg.cfg ';a=blob_plain;f=squeeze/pkg.cfg;hb=127c11ffdb8f4ad42f59fce971f274cd0e079745'
debconf-set-selections < pkg.cfg

The full log of the shell session was archived. However, now that the repository is ready, it should be possible to automatically install XiVO using the scripts from following repositories:

  • git://
  • git://

packaging-farm release

While fixing the XiVO skaro repository, a few problems were found and fixed in packaging-farm and released as version 1.2.32. The ChangeLog reads : add architecture to KVERS variables. load fakeroot in each dist-upgrade. input for apt-get is /dev/null to avoid input problems. fix dpkg-scan bug when building for multiple archictures.