development testbed for farsides

humanityprojectonline software is being developed at launchpad. A new development machine was created. In the process the INSTALL file was improved by practice. The php tests were run after fixing a problem in the associated makefile.

virtual machine

The farsides game development studio is running machines using a ganeti cluster with an infrastructure common to FSF France. A new development machine was created and the steps to do it were documented for the record. A virgin Debian GNU/Linux squeeze was installed.

installing humanityprojectonline

Most complex web services are difficult to deploy and package, to the point where even wordpress in Debian GNU/Linux cannot be installed without manual configuration. The INSTALL file documents the necessary steps to install on a virgin Debian GNU/Linux. The following failed to install:

and the freechat installation was skipped.

running the tests

Despite the missing components, an attempt was made to run the tests. The javascript tests run although they show a number of failed tests. The php tests run with make phpcheck were successfully run after applying the following patch was applied:

=== modified file 'tests/php/Makefile'
--- tests/php/Makefile  2010-11-28 13:29:06 +0000
+++ tests/php/Makefile  2011-03-11 23:16:19 +0000
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 all: check
-       php /usr/src/simpletest/extensions/coverage/bin/php-coverage-open.php --include=hackit/.*\.php$  --exclude=test/.*\.php$ --exclude=DataObjects/.*\.php$  --exclude=templates_c/.*\.php$ | tee simpletest.log
+       php /usr/src/simpletest/extensions/coverage/bin/php-coverage-open.php '--include=classes/.*\.php$$'  '--exclude=test/.*\.php$$' '--exclude=DataObjects/.*\.php$$' '--exclude=templates_c/.*\.php$$' | tee simpletest.log
        php hackit_all_tests.php | tee -a simpletest.log
        php /usr/src/simpletest/extensions/coverage/bin/php-coverage-close.php | tee -a simpletest.log
        php /usr/src/simpletest/extensions/coverage/bin/php-coverage-report.php | tee -a simpletest.log


The virtual machine was copied for reference on the tothere.tld machine that can be reached from within the VPN.

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  1. Hi Loic,

    Thanks a lot for the time you spent on the project today. The VM you installed will be used as a shared environment to run tests, and the patch you’re submitting will make the PHP tests run again – two issues that have been a pain and prevented us from moving forward.

    So thanks again, for the contribution, for your kindness and generosity. It’s really a nice concept to contribute days this way – the projects you’ll contribute to are really lucky!


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