giving up on opensocial

The goal was to improve the state of the python opensocial package published in 2010. After a few hours exploring the latest evolutions of OpenSocial, it turns out that it became too difficult for an occasional Free Software developer to get involved.

deprecated opensocial resources

After reading about the evolution of opensocial during the last 12 months, the following e-mail was sent to the maintainer of opensocial python library.


I packaged the library
for Debian GNU/Linux at and you can
get it with


if running Ubuntu. I was about to upgrade it to 0.3.2 and try to make it
an official package. But I see that most tickets in the list of issues
were unattended and that the last commit in is over one
year old.

This library has been valuable to me in 2010 and I would like to keep
contributing actively. You can take a look at the poker adapter I wrote
in However I could not
be the leading force behind it.

Could you tell me if there are plans to keep supporting it ?

Thanks for your work on opensocial !
  • partuza has not been updated in over a year
  • Chris Chabot blog who was the leading force behind partuza has not been updated in over a year

Reading the changelogs of the latest OpenSocial Specification it feels like a complicated set of conventions based on concepts that need to be digested before one begin to understand how it can be useful to a developer. Although the version 1.0 has been published over a year ago, the implementation in service in the existing containers are all pre 0.9.
The OpenSocial Dev App used as an example on the Netlog sandbox page claims to be compatible with version 0.8. The news at the opensocial main page are focused on organisational events. The ,a href=””>opensocial wiki is so filled with spam that it is impossible to figure out the real latest changes.

exploration of the active shindig community

The reference implementation is hosted at the Shindig Apache project. The subversion repository shows frequent activity, both in the java directory and the php directory, during the first months in 2011. The trunk implements version 0.9 of the specs.
A 2011 attempt at evaluating frameworks that embed shindig shows two Free Software projects that are still too young to be used out of the box.
The How use shindig out of the box are notes that require an intimate knowledge of the Java code base. Most other pages have not been modified in years.
The compliance test suite is being discussed and was improved march 16th, 2011 with new instructions.
A mail was sent to Paul Lindner, a google employee who is the current lead of shindig:


Although shindig is very much alive, I've not been able to find people /
code bases related to python and opensocial. Last year I used and published a
Debian GNU/Linux package for it at and used it
as a dependency for a poker application published at (it is Free Software ;-)

Do you know of a project or person with similar interests ?

Thank you for your work on shindig !

In 2009 shindig was still in the apache incubator but is now an official apache project.