building XiVO skaro from sources

Most XiVO pacakges were rebuilt from sources using the corresponding debian repository, except for misdn. It revealed bugs in the recently implemented features of packaging-farm. They were fixed and it was the opportunity write an extensive man page. Minor packaging bugs were reported and a debate on the version number conventions started.

packaging-farm documentation

The XiVO package submission was documented but the packaging-farm command line that is used to build the submitted packages was not. An extensive manual page was written, focusing on the developer and the packager point of view. It does not go into the details of the packaging-farm implementation but should be enough for most purposes.

packaging-farm(1)					     packaging-farm(1)

       packaging-farm - build package from sources for multiple distributions

       packaging-farm SUBMIT=xivo [OPTIONS] submit

       packaging-farm SUBMIT=pokersource [OPTIONS] submit

       packaging-farm generate

       packaging-farm [OPTIONS] package_name

       The  first  forms  packaging-farm SUBMIT=... submit creates job request
       for packaging-farm and stores it in /var/cache/packaging-farm/sources

       For instance

	      packaging-farm SUBMIT=xivo DIRECTORY=asterisk submit

       will    create	 a    source	package    in	 /var/cache/packaging-

       The   last   form   builds   the   package_name	package  as  found  in
       /var/cache/packaging-farm/sources   and	 stores    the	  result    in
       /var/lib/packaging-farm	as  repositories specific to each distribution
       that can be browsed at http://localhost/packaging-farm/

       For instance packaging-farm asterisk would  create  a  i386  repository
       that can be added to the /etc/apt/sources.list file as:

	      deb http://localhost/packaging-farm/asterisk/gnulinux/debian/i386/squeeze/src ./
	      deb-src http://localhost/packaging-farm/asterisk/gnulinux/debian/i386/squeeze/src ./

       The form before last

	      packaging-farm SUBMIT=xivo DIRECTORY=asterisk submit

       recomputes the dependency graph at /var/cache/packaging-farm/
       by scanning /var/cache/packaging-farm/sources and creates  the  default
       Makefiles if needed in /var/cache/packaging-farm/build

       The  packaging  farm jobs are described in files found in the directory
       /var/cache/packaging-farm/build under a directory named after the pack-
       age.  It  contains a Makefile which instructs packaging-farm about what
       needs to be done. When a new source is submitted to the farm with pack-
       aging-farm  submit  a  default Makefile is created if it does not exist

       For  example,  /var/cache/packaging-farm/build/asterisk/Makefile   con-
	      LIBDIR ?= /usr/lib/packaging-farm
	      include /usr/lib/packaging-farm/Makefile

       The  following variables can be set in the Makefile. They are common to
       all packages.

       ROLE   the default value is package and it can be set  to  meta-package
	      (see  the META PACKAGES section for more information) or kernel-
	      module (see the KERNEL MODULE section for more information).

	      is the name of the meta package and it must match  the  name  of
	      the directory in which the Makefile is found.

	      is  the  white space separated list of distributions for which a
	      package must be built.  The default value can be displayed  with
	      packaging-farm  --var  DISTRIBUTIONS  and  the list of supported
	      distributions can be displayed with  packaging-farm  --var  SUP-

	      is  the  white space separated list of architectures for which a
	      package must be built.  The default value can be displayed  with
	      packaging-farm  --var  ARCHITECTURES  and  the list of supported
	      architectures can be displayed with  packaging-farm  --var  SUP-

       A  meta	package  is the aggregation of packages into a repository that
       has the same format as the official repositories. The definition of the
       meta package is found in the /var/cache/packaging-farm/build

       For  instance,  the  skaro  meta package can be defined by creating the
       /var/cache/packaging-farm/build/skaro/Makefile with the following  con-

	      ARCHITECTURES=i386 x86_64
	      CHILD_PACKAGES = asterisk dahdi-linux

	      ROLE = meta-package

	      LIBDIR ?= /usr/lib/packaging-farm
	      include ${LIBDIR}/Makefile

       and  the  resulting  repository	can  be added to /etc/apt/sources.list

	      deb http://localhost/packaging-farm/asterisk/gnulinux/debian skaro-squeeze main
	      deb-src http://localhost/packaging-farm/asterisk/gnulinux/debian skaro-squeeze main

	      the white space separated list of packages to be aggregated into
	      the  meta-package.  The  list of known packages can be displayed
	      with packaging-farm --var PACKAGES

	      is the component, in the Debian GNU/Linux sense, provided by the
	      meta package. It must be a single string.

       Binary  kernel  modules	are  built  from kernel module source packages
       using module-assistant(1).

       For instance  /var/cache/packaging-farm/build/dahdi-linux-modules/Make-
       file contains:

	      ARCHITECTURES=i386 x86_64
	      LIBDIR ?= /usr/lib/packaging-farm
	      include ${LIBDIR}/Makefile

       MODULE the  package that will be given to module-assistant(1) to create
	      binary kernel module packages.

       packaging-farm needs a dependency graph to  figure  out	which  package
       needs to be built in order for the others to succeed. This is done with

	      packaging-farm depends

       and  must  be  run manually when modifying a meta package (see the META
       PACKAGES section). It is run as part of

	      packaging-farm submit

       The dependency graph is output in  /var/cache/packaging-farm/
       and  the  dependency  timestamps that remember what was built is in the
       directory  /var/cache/packaging-farm/depends  For   instance   a   file
       /var/cache/packaging-farm/depends/asterisk dated march 28th, 2011 means
       that asterisk was successfully built on that date.

       The output is extremely verbose. If the build of a package (say	aster-
       isk) fails for a given distribution (say squeeze) for a given architec-
       ture (say i386), it is archived at /var/cache/packaging-farm/build/ask-

       When run from the command line, the output from 'BUILD START' to 'BUILD
       END' is displayed in case of a failure  and  the  relevant  message  is
       likely  to be in the last few lines. The error handling policy through-
       out packaging-farm is to abort as soon as a failure occurs.

       The chroot used to build the package can be entered for further	inves-
       tigation with the command:

	      packaging-farm --cd asterisk DISTRIBUTION=squeeze ARCHITECTURE=x86_64 chroot-login

       Note that the content of the chroot will be reset to a virgin installa-
       tion when the next build of the packag is run with

	      packaging-farm asterisk

       Note that the chroot must be exited before  running  a  new  build.  If
       still in the chroot, the build will fail.

       Paul  wants  to	build the package libpri found at http://dak.proforma-

       He add the
	      deb-src squeeze-xivo-skaro-dev main
       line in /etc/apt/sources.list.

       He downloads it into the sources directory of packaging-farm:
	      apt-get update
	      mkdir /var/cache/packaging-farm/sources/libpri
	      cd /var/cache/packaging-farm/sources/libpri
	      apt-get source libpri
	      packaging-farm generate

       He builds the package for the default distributions and architectures:
	      packaging-farm libpri


       Loic Dachary <>

				     local		     packaging-farm(1)

packaging-farm 1.2.35

A new release was published with the manual page displayed above and the following bug fixes and improvements.
The BUILD START and BUILD END markers are added to the output so that it is easier for the developer to figure out the relevant errors. It is also used by the showerrors target. The showerrors target is run after building a package so that the command line user does not need to dig in the verbose output to find the source of the problem. The showerrors target was added to display the build log of a given package for a given architecture and a given distribution, if and only if it failed to build. The ARCHITECTURES variable is exported so that packging-farm – -var ARCHITECTURES can be used to display the default value. creates a new entry in the debian/changelog when processing a package. If this entry is not committed because GIT_DRY_RUN=true was set, it will prevent a git pull. The command git reset –hard HEAD is run to get rid of such pending modifications. The .orig.tar.gz created contained a spurious directory named after the package : it was removed and its content moved back to the root. A third party package is detected when a *-VERSION file is found in the sources directory instead of SOURCE- VERSION which is more restrictive

XiVO bug fixes and versions

While attempting to recompile the XiVO packages, the following bugs were filled together with the patches fixing them.

Discussing with Nicolas Hicher on about these patches led to a debate about the versions of the packages which was brought to the development mailing list
The libpri library is not yet available in the xivo skaro source repositories and it was imported as described in the corresponding use case in the packaging-farm manual page.


A draft workflow description for packaging-farm was drawn. However, it turns out to be at a level of detail that most packaging-farm users would find useless. It would belong to an implementor guide.

                                                      ============== net =============

       +---------------+        +-----------------+
       |  Debian GIT   |        |   Sources GIT   |
       +------+--------+        +--------+--------+
              |                          |
              v                          v            === /var/cache/packaging-farm ==
       +---------------+        +------------------+
       |  VCS/debian   |        |  VCS/sources     |
       +-------------+-+        +--+---------------+
                     |             |
                     v             v
                    ( )
                       |            v
                       |           +------------------+
                       v           |  sources/skaro   +------>------->----------------+
                       |           +------------------+                               |
       +--------------------+                                                         |
       | sources/asterisk   +-------------------------------->------->----------------+
       +--------------------+                                                         |
       +--------------------+                           +-------------------------+   |
       |         +-------------<-------------(  packaging-farm depends )-<-+
       +--+-----------------+                           +-------------------------+   |
          |                                                                           |
          |                                             +-------------------------+   |
          |              +---------------------------+--( packaging-farm generate )-<-+
          |              |                           |  +-------------------------+
          |              v                           v
          |              |                           |
          v     +--------+-----------+     +---------+---------+
          |     | build/asterisk     |     |  build/skaro      |
          |     +--------+-----------+     +-------+-----------+
          |              v                         v
          |              |                         |             +----------------------+
          +-------------->----------->-------------+-------------( packaging-farm skaro )
         === /var/cache/packaging-farm/build/{asterisk,skaro} ==   |        |
                                                                   |        |
         +---------------------------------------+        +--------v--------v-----------+
         |    build/debian/i386/squeeze          <--------( packaging-farm chroot-login )
         +---------------------------------------+        +-----------------------------+
         +---------------------------------------+        +-----------------------------+
         | build/debian/i386/squeeze/usr/src     <--------( packaging-farm all          )
         +---------------------------------------+        +-----------------------------+
                                                               |        |
         === /var/cache/packaging-farm/build/asterisk ==       |        |
           etc...                                              |        |
         ===== /var/lib/packaging-farm =================       |        |
                                                               v        v
          +------------------+                                 |        |
          |  asterisk        +------------------<--------------+        |
          +------------------+                                          |
          +------------------+                                          |
          |  skaro           +------------------<-----------------------+

         ===== target system ===========================

         deb skaro-squeeze main
         deb-src skaro-squeeze main