An alternate XiVO gallifrey repository (part 1/2)

An altnernate gallifrey repository repository was created and should be useable in two weeks from now as an alternative to the official repository. The 1.2.38 release of packaging-farm was produced with the bug fixes done in the process.

Kernel module dependencies

When binary kernel modules need to be rebuilt, a Makefile containing ROLE = kernel-module is created for the packaging-farm to work with, as explained in the manual page. It depends on the source package providing the MODULE = module-source package. A script was added to the global dependency computation facility of packaging-farm

packaging-farm depends

to figure out if the source package is known. If it is a dependency, it is added to the /var/cache/packaing-farm/ file so that it is rebuilt before the binary kernel modules.

Gallifrey dedicated farm.

A dedicated virtual machine was created to host the making of gallifrey packages and the resulting repository. It has been installed from scratch, using the latest packaging-farm package.
It turned out that the submission form of relies on being able to find some dependencies of the source package being submitted, such as cdbs or quilt. Although the dpkg-buildpackage -d command is used (which is supposed to be insensitive to the lack of source dependencies), it could not work unless it is able to interpret the debian/rules file. The cdbs and quilt dependencies were added to the packaging-farm package and all general purpose dependencies should be as well.

Patching debian configuration

When something is not right with the debian package, it can be patched directly on the farm instead of going thru the repository. It may be useful as a temporary measure when the correct patch is still unclear.

cd /var/cache/packaging-farm/sources/PACKAGE
# fix something in PACKAGE/debian/rules
dpkg-source -b PACKAGE

Note that once the fix is correct, it must be saved because the sources will be overriden when

packaging-farm DIRECTORY=PACKAGE submit

is run.
This method was used to produce patches for asterisk, dahdi-linux and dahdi-tools.

Configuring packaging-farm

In order for the packages to be signed, a GPG key is generated, without a password and added to
the packaging-farm.conf file (see below SIGN_debian=-kD08ED067 )

gpg --gen-key

The /etc/packaging-farm/packaging-farm.conf was modified for gallifrey as follows:

# Exclusively built for lenny
# Exclusively built for i386
# Source submission porcess configuration
# gallifrey only ships for lenny
export SUITE=lenny
export XIVO=gallifrey
# List of subdirectories of CHROOT_SOURCE that are cached
# localy in CHROOT_ROOT on a daily basis with
# packaging-farm chroot-master-sync
# Signing related options for Debian GNU/Linux
# See dpkg-buildpackage(1) for more information
# Signing related options for Debian GNU/Linux
# See reprepro(1) for more information
SIGN_WITH=SignWith: yes

Collecting gallifrey modules.

The gallifrey sources and debian packages are to be found in the following repositories: sources debian packages

And the following were submitted :

for dir in dahdi-linux asterisk-sounds-gsm-de-de asterisk-sounds-wav-en-us asterisk-sounds-wav-es-es asterisk-sounds-wav-fr-ca prompts-xivo prompts asternic-stats agid base-config ctiservers ctiwebclient extra fetchfw lib-python provisioning queues-logger sysconfd utils web-interface ; do packaging-farm DIRECTORY=$dir submit ; done

However, some of them were rebuilt manually:

dahdi-linux-modules libasterisk-perl libpri misdn-kernel misdn-kernel-modules pf-asterisk-prompt-fr-xivo pf-xivo pf-xivo-backup sangoma-wanpipe sangoma-wanpipe-modules spandsp

and must be retrieved from the development repository:

deb-src lenny-xivo-gallifrey-dev main

using the method laid out in the Creating an independant XiVO Debian GNU/Linux repository from scratch series.
At the moment the development repository is incomplete. But it is being worked on and the making of the repository will resume when it is back online.