1.0.3 release candidate

The 1.0.3 cardstories release candidate has been installed. It improves packaging and interaction.

package 1.0.3

The new Debian GNU/Linux package can be built with

git clone
cd cardstories
v=1.0.3 ; python sdist --dist-dir .. ; mv ../cardstories-$v.tar.gz ../cardstories_$v.orig.tar.gz
debuild -uc -us

as instructed in the README.txt file. It is not published in Debian yet because the user experience needs to be improved and we are expected the result of a Request For Review conducted by Justin B. Rye.
The was fixed to include jpg and gif images that were previously ignored.

author view of the voting phase

When the author of a game is waiting for the players to pick cards, (s)he sees the cards of the players who join the game as soon as they are picked.

The leftmost card above has the name of the player displayed on top, showing that a card was picked. The card under player2 is not displayed because it has not been picked yet. The display_or_select_card function was modified to display the label on top of a card even if the card is unknown. The rightmost card has no label on top : it is a free spot waiting for a player to visit. Once the author feels there are enough players, (s)he can click on the vote that was moved on top of the larger image of the bending man

jquery-1.6 reverted to jquery-1.5.1

The 3 players hotseat version used for experiments uses iframes. It triggered a jquery bug that can be traced back to jquery-1.5.2 and forced to revert to jquery-1.5.1. It was apparently fixed in jquery-1.6.1 published today.


The japanese translation of the debian package was included. A patch proposed by romulo was reviewed.