CSS integration and game interactions (part 4)

The latest invitations sent by the game author are kept in a cookie, which makes it easier to create a new game immediately after the previous one is finished. The Debian GNU/Linux package has been prepared for publication.

Debian package

Although the section of the Debian package was initialy set to python, discussions on the cardstories debian list led to a change to games. There are good arguments for both sections. The games section was preferred because it would not confuse the end user. A python developer trying to re-use cardstories in a different context would quickly discover that it is a self contained python module, even if the section does not hint it.
The section change led to a package rename from python-cardstories into cardstories.

Invitation cookies

When the author of a game wants to create a game, (s)he had to type in the mails for all the invitations (s)he wants to send. The list of invitations is now stored in the CARDSTORIES_INVITATIONS cookie. When creating a game, the list of invitations is initialized with the content of this cookie. However, when the user clicks on the invite more friends link while waiting for players to pick a card, the cookie is reset so that invitations are not sent twice.

Reloading from the database

When the game is loaded from the database because the daemon is relaunched, it must be registered as if it was just created : the players must be notified when it changes. This bug did not occur during the play tests but it was bound to be noticed in production. A game may be in the invitation state during days and the daemon will most probably need to be relaunched at some point for maintainance purposes.

Minor changes

  • The placeholder displayed to write a sentence describing the card is removed when starting to type the sentence.
  • All the changes from David Blanchard and Xavier Antoviaque were merged
  • Obsolete images were deleted from the static/css/images directory
  • Remove the win column of the finished lobby because it is unsure if it is going to be useful
  • Use color black for credits to improve readability
  • Fix jslint warnings
  • The “go to vote” button is hidden unless there has been enough cards picked by players. The “game complete” button is displayed as inactive unless there has been enough votes to finish the game