XiVO packaging from the developer point of view

The XiVO packaging use case of interest to Guillaume, who is developing (among others) on the pf-xivo-web-interface software were explored. The version 2.0.5 of packaging-farm was published with the required changes. The skaro 1.1.16 repository was updated with the latest changes from the GIT repository ( f-xivo-cti-server, pf-xivo-base-config, asterisk and pf-xivo-web-interface ).


The ssh key of the developer must be installed in /root/.ssh/authorized_keys on http://skaro.dachary.org/packaging-farm/.


The reference for the following can be found in the packaging-farm, packaging-farm.conf and submit-xivo.sh manual pages.

  • Guillaume gets work done on the web-interface directory of the internal SVN
  • It is mirrored every 5 minutes to the external GIT
  • Guillaume submits the rebuild of the package to skaro.dachary.org
 ssh -p 22002 -A root@ packaging-farm DIRECTORY=web-interface submit \; packaging-farm pf-xivo-web-interface
  • If the build fails, it has a non zero exit status. Guillaume goes into the chroot that was preserved after the failure to try and fix the issue:
 ssh -t -p 22002 -A root@ packaging-farm --cd pf-xivo-web-interface ARCHITECTURE=i386 DISTRIBUTION=squeeze chroot-login
 cd /usr/src
deb http://skaro.dachary.org/packaging-farm/pf-xivo-web-interface/gnulinux/debian/i386/squeeze/src ./
  • Guillaume conducts a few tests on a virtual machine of his own with the newly built package.
  • When satisfied with the result, he decides to update the skaro repository by asking the machine to harvest the results of each individual package into a global repository:
ssh -p 22002 -A root@ packaging-farm skaro
  • The updated repository can be used by adding the following to the file /etc/apt/sources.list:
deb http://skaro.dachary.org/packaging-farm/skaro/gnulinux/debian skaro-squeeze main

debugging on the farm

When in the chroot by running the following command:

ssh -t -p 22002 -A root@ packaging-farm --cd pf-xivo-web-interface ARCHITECTURE=i386 DISTRIBUTION=squeeze chroot-login

new software can be installed and one must not fear to destroy anything of value. If the chroot becomes messy, it can be re-initialized as follows, after exiting it.

ssh -t -p 22002 -A root@ packaging-farm --cd pf-xivo-web-interface ARCHITECTURE=i386 DISTRIBUTION=squeeze chroot-reinit get/debian

The chroot-reinit target remove the chroot entirely and replaces it with a virgin copy of the corresponding distribution. The get/debian target get a clean copy of the sources found in the /usr/src directory.


All packages can be built in parallel. For instance:

ssh -p 22002 -A root@ packaging-farm pf-xivo-web-interface

can be run at the same time as

ssh -p 22002 -A root@ packaging-farm pf-xivo-base-config

and they will not interfere. However, if both commands trigger the build of another package because they have it in common in the dependency graph, the two build may overlap. A package can be built without any regard to the dependency graph as follows:

ssh -p 22002 -A root@ packaging-farm --cd pf-xivo-base-config all

The general principle is that the –cd flag goes to the self contained directory when the package is being built and ignore the dependency graph. Without the –cd flag, the command will lookup in the dependency graph to find an entry with the argument name and make sure all its dependencies are compiled before it.

building for a given architecture

Guillaume has a i386 virtual machine but the current skaro packages are built for x86_64. The following command was used to build the package of interest for i386

rm /var/lib/packaging-farm/depends/pf-xivo-web-interface
ssh -p 22002 -A root@ packaging-farm DIRECTORY=web-interface submit \; packaging-farm ARCHITECTURES=i386 pf-xivo-web-interface

forcing the build of a package

The –force option was implemented and documented to bypass the dependency graph:

       --force <package-name>
              disregard the dependency graph and perform the action  <package-
              name>  without  any  consideration  to the fact that none of its
              dependencies have changed since the last time it was run.

packaging-farm wish-list

listing what can be done

The following command can be used to list all the known variables that can be used to implement the use case described above:

ssh -p 22002 -A root@ packaging-farm --quiet --no-print-directory submit

It will output something that looks like:

Create source packages from XiVO repositories.

The debian directories are cloned from git://git.xivo.fr/debian into /var/cache/packaging-farm/VCS/debian/squeeze-xivo-skaro
The sources are cloned from git://git.xivo.fr into /var/cache/packaging-farm/VCS/sources/xivo-skaro
The packages are created in /var/cache/packaging-farm/sources

# submit all known sources but do nothing
for directory in agid asterisk base-config bntools chan_sccp confgen ctiservers dahdi-linux dahdi-tools extra fetchfw freeswitch lib-javascript lib-python libpri monitoring pf-xivo pf-xivo-backup provisioning res_watchdog sysconfd utils wanpipe web-interface xivo-sounds xivo_ha ; do packaging-farm DIRECTORY=$directory submit ; done
# submit a given source and update the repository
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=agid PACKAGE=pf-xivo-agid submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=asterisk PACKAGE=asterisk submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=base-config PACKAGE=pf-xivo-base-config submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=bntools PACKAGE=bntools submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=chan_sccp PACKAGE=asterisk-chan-sccp submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=confgen PACKAGE=pf-xivo-confgen submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=ctiservers PACKAGE=pf-xivo-cti-server submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=dahdi-linux PACKAGE=dahdi-linux submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=dahdi-tools PACKAGE=dahdi-tools submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=extra PACKAGE=pf-xivo-extra submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=fetchfw PACKAGE=pf-xivo-fetchfw submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=freeswitch PACKAGE=freeswitch submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=lib-javascript PACKAGE=pf-xivo-lib-js submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=lib-python PACKAGE=pf-xivo-lib-python submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=libpri PACKAGE= submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=monitoring PACKAGE=pf-xivo-monitoring submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=pf-xivo PACKAGE= submit
Can't open /var/cache/packaging-farm/VCS/sources/xivo-skaro/libpri/Makefile.pkg: No such file or directory.
could not match ^DEB_PKG.*?([\w-]+) in file /var/cache/packaging-farm/VCS/sources/xivo-skaro/libpri/Makefile.pkg to extract package name
Can't open /var/cache/packaging-farm/VCS/sources/xivo-skaro/pf-xivo/Makefile.pkg: No such file or directory.
could not match ^DEB_PKG.*?([\w-]+) in file /var/cache/packaging-farm/VCS/sources/xivo-skaro/pf-xivo/Makefile.pkg to extract package name
Can't open /var/cache/packaging-farm/VCS/sources/xivo-skaro/pf-xivo-backup/Makefile.pkg: No such file or directory.
could not match ^DEB_PKG.*?([\w-]+) in file /var/cache/packaging-farm/VCS/sources/xivo-skaro/pf-xivo-backup/Makefile.pkg to extract package name
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=pf-xivo-backup PACKAGE= submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=provisioning PACKAGE=pf-xivo-provisioning submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=res_watchdog PACKAGE=pf-asterisk-res-watchdog submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=sysconfd PACKAGE=pf-xivo-sysconfd submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=utils PACKAGE=pf-xivo-utils submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=wanpipe PACKAGE=sangoma-wanpipe-source submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=web-interface PACKAGE=pf-xivo-web-interface submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=xivo-sounds PACKAGE=pf-xivo-sounds submit
packaging-farm DIRECTORY=xivo_ha PACKAGE=pf-xivo-ha submit