XiVO packaging verbosity and safeguards

The 2.0.10 version of packaging-farm was published with safeguards against package version inconsistencies and reduced verbosity. It was installed on the skaro and gallifrey virtual machine used to build XiVO and tested on gallifrey-dev.

package versions

The XiVO package versions are automatically generated in part and follow the debian conventions as documented in the deb-version(1) manual page. The automatic numbering occurs in the submit-xivo.sh script as described below:

       The  XiVO source packages have no version information. The Debian GNU/Linux package version numbers are generated based on the date
       of the last commit in the source directory (not the debian directory), the version of the third party source if any, the content of
       the  VERSION  file  from  the  source  directory,  followed  by  the  value  of  the  VERSION_FLAVOR  variable  and its short hash.
       V.V.V+X.X.X~YYYYMMDD.HHMMSS.HASH will be the version number of a package built from the third party source version  V.V.V  for  the
       benefit  of  XiVO version X.X.X where the last commit in the sources was made on YYYYMMDD.HHMMSS. This last commit hash is appended
       to the version number.  Example: asterisk-1.4.42+1.1.15~20110312.102015.8ff428-1

       When merging a source with its matching Debian GNU/Linux package, the first line of the debian/changelog file must contain the com‐
       puted version number. If it does not, a new changelog entry is used with the following template:
              echo "$package (${version}${debian_version}) $component; urgency=low"
              echo "  * upstream update"
              echo -n " -- $DEBFULLNAME <$DEBEMAIL>  "
              date '+%a, %d %b %Y %R:%S %z'

       The  handling  of  the versions for the packages that have no corresponding source such as pf-xivo or pf-xivo-backup is simpler and
       relies on the version found in the VERSION file of the source directory only.

The XiVO developers were used to a tool that also incremented the Debian GNU/Linux version. It is no longer the case and instead of having a -0 version number the developer is required to take care of the increment as any Debian GNU/Linux package would.This created a confusion that led to inconsistencies in the sequence of the package versions. Because the submit-xivo.sh script was unable to detect and properly report these inconsistencies, it created a situation that was very confusing.
To avoid such troubles, a number of safeguards were implemented to properly document the following mistakes:

  • a changelog with a mismatched package name
  • a missing version
  • a native package (submit-xivo.sh requires non native packages)
  • a package version that goes back in time


The packaging-farm script is based on make(1) which is very verbose by default. The amount of information produced is useful for debugging but confusing to the developer. The default was set to quiet and can be reverted to verbose as follows:

QUIET='' packaging-farm target

This was not documented as it is only useful to debug packaging-farm itself.