libreoffice bug reporting (part 3)

The bug assistant draft page was updated with information extracted from the Bug Report Details page and the bugzilla page. It now shows the components, the matching subcomponents, the list of available versions, displays a comment explaining the component when it is selected and fetches the existing bug reports when a subcomponent is selected.

Although it would be nice to have a microformat for components and subcomponents, the content of the Bug Report Details page is parsable.
The perl script extracts information from and creates HTML snippets that are then inserted manually in the bug assistant draft. It is run as follows:

curl --silent '' | perl

The perl script extracts information from the bugzilla page and the generated HTML snippets are also inserted manually. It cannot be run manually without authenticating a user. The page content can be copy / pasted from the browser into a enter_bug.html page and run as follows:

perl < enter_bug.txt

The page was edited to link to the draf implementation and the ToDo page was updated.
A followup was posted on the libreoffice QA mailing list.