bug fixing and code review

The cardstories logs were analyzed and a script written to mail the errors.Request.finish was called on a request after its connection was lost. This behavior was fixed to reduce the log verbosity.

bug fixing

Priority is given to server bugs that could disrupt the service. For this purpose the cardstories logs were analyzed. A harmless problem causing a lot of Tracebacks was fixed to improve the readability of the logs. They were further researched for other kinds of trace backs with the following script:

while(<>) {
    if(/^\tTraceback/../^[^\t]/) {
        if(/Traceback/) {
            $tb = '';
        $tb .= $_;
    } else {
        if($tb ne '' &&
           $tb !~ /Request.notifyFinish/ &&
           $tb !~ /SQLite objects created in a thread can only be used in that same thread/) {
            print "$ARGV\n";
            print $tb;
        $tb = '';

It filters another kind of common traceback that only happen when the server is shutdown. Although it would be nice to fix it, there is no urgency. There were only one kind of traceback left since the beginning of the the log archive. It may be a transient problem that only occurred at some point in September 2011. However, it was filled as a bug, in case it shows up again.
The existing script run on a regular basis to collect tracebacks from the logs and send them via email was modified to use the above perl script. This will help reduce the verbosity of emails and improve the chances that they are noticed as they should.

code review and planning for future works

The patches for 441 and 447, 571, 528, 526, 534 were reviewed. The tickets 533, 531 were marked as duplicates or resolved.