XiVO GIT repository re-organisation

The XiVO GIT repository re-organisation aims at creating a single repository for each software. In order to prepare for this migration, the repository directory can be specified as GIT_DIRECTORY to submit-xivo.sh.
The 2.0.17 version of packaging-farm was published with a fix for when a package failed to build but packaging-farm thinks it succeeded and was installed on all machines.

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bring packaging-farm to users who need it

The sustainability of packaging-farm depends on the number of its users. There currently are four: a company shipping a software suite to its customers ( Avencall with XiVO ), the software that initiated the development ( pokersource as found in Debian GNU/Linux with poker-eval, poker-engine etc), a university developed set of packages for bioinformatics ( biopp from université de montpellier ) and a single package web game in its early stages of development ( cardstori.es from farsides).
The problem packaging-farm is facing to get new users is described below in terms that may apply to other projects with a similar size and scope. No solution to the problem is found and there probably is none. The web site information was improved and a beginner guide written.
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