packaging-farm 2.0.3

The version 2.0.3 of packaging-farm was published including bug fixes for meta packages. The repository for packaging-farm was converted from mercurial to git and tiddlwiki replaced with trac.

fixing reprepro generation

Each package in the farm is build individually, for each architecture. As a result, architecture independent packages exist multiple times. This confuses reprepro which fails to build the indices and barks about identical package files with different signatures. The was modified to silently ignore such redundancy and only try to include the architecture dependent .deb to the repository.

running all tests at once

Over the past few months a number of scripts have been tested. The top level Makefile was modified so that the target make check runs all of them and they were checked to run successfully.

hg to git

The mercurial repository for packaging farm was part of a larger repository including all the root of the file system, which made it inconvenient to clone. It was converted after activating the convert extension as instructed in the documentation. A filemap was created to create a repository that only contains a subset of the root file system:

include home/www/packaging-farm/packaging-farm
rename home/www/packaging-farm/packaging-farm .

And the convert command called as follows:

$ hg convert --dest-type hg --filemap /tmp/a / kk
initializing destination kk repository
scanning source...
450 initial
1 packaging-farm packages updates
0 Ignore the architecture independent duplicates

And then converted to git with

apt-get install hg-fast-convert
mkdir /tmp/ff
cd /tmp/ff
git init
hg-fast-export -r /tmp/kk

trac bound to git

A trac instance was installed and bound to the git repository with openid authentication. The corresponding instructions were updated accordingly.