merging cardstories contributions

Xavier Antoviaque contributed patches on a few different topics. They were inlined into a ticket, isolated into a branch, cherry picked or manually reconstructed.

The git log command is used to sort the changeset according to their focus : facebook inviations, author view of the game, CSS tweaking, feedback etc.

git log --stat

Each topic is then addressed depending on what it requires.

facebook related patch

The functionality is small and not finished yet. A new ticket is created and the patch is inserted in the comments. They are small enough and someone willing to complete the work will be able to apply them within a minute. The completion of the feature depends on another ticket and both of them are linked together.


Allowing the visitor to provide a feedback thru the contactable jquery plugin involves new files as well as a few images. The changeset is complete and should be ready for inclusion in the master branch. It was reconstructed manually into a dedicated branch because it may require more independant work.

CSS tweaking

A few self contained changes have been imported instead of being pulled, to avoid a hairy mesh of branches:

git cherry-pick df2725bd5f4efaec33441e6c0f7b52d75f63916b
git cherry-pick 8c0683ff1c7f6708043b3715eb6fa08740088ae6

The author and date is preserved but the hash is different.

author view of the vote

When displaying the game to the author while the players pick cards, the board is shown, as it will be when the game is complete. Except there are no winners or losers yet. The change spans accross three changeset, one of which has been accidentaly mixed with a merge from another branch. All the other changes have been imported to clarify the situation : the only diff remaining belong to this change. They are manually applied after running

diff -ru --exclude=.git . ../antoviaque/antoviaques-cardstories

and using the patch mode of GNU emacs. The resulting change has been checked by running the tests and trying a game with three players. It was then commited into a single patch