Running node-rados from sources

The nodejs rados module comes with an example that requires a Ceph cluster.
If Ceph was compiled from source, a cluster can be run from the source tree with

rm -fr dev out ;  mkdir -p dev
 ./ -d -n -X -l mon osd

It can be used by modifying the /etc/ceph/ceph.conf in the example to the one from the sources : $CEPHSOURCE/src/ceph.conf. The expected output is

$ node exemple.js
fsid : c041968a-a895-4a5c-a0a7-6621e08a4f07
ls pools : rbd
 --- RUN Sync Write / Read ---
Read data : 01234567ABCDEF
 --- RUN ASync Write / Read ---
 --- RUN Attributes Write / Read ---
testfile3 xattr = {"attr1":"first attr","attr2":"second attr","attr3":"last attr value"}