configuring ansible for teuthology

As of July 8th, 2015, teuthology (the Ceph integration test software) switched from using Chef to using Ansible. To keep it working, two files must be created. The /etc/ansible/hosts/group_vars/all.yml file with:

modify_fstab: false

The modify_fstab is necessary for OpenStack provisioned instances but it won’t hurt if it’s always there (the only drawback being that mount options are not persisted in /etc/fstab, but they are set as they should). The /etc/ansible/hosts/mylab file must then be populated with


where ovh224000.teuthology etc. are the fqdns of all machines that will be used as teuthology targets. The Ansible playbooks will expect to find all targets under the [testnodes] section. The output of a teuthology job should show that the Ansible playbook is being used with something like:

teuthology.run_tasks:Running task ansible.cephlab...
INFO:teuthology.task.ansible.out:PLAY [all] *****
TASK: [ansible-managed | Create the sudo group.] ******************************

Prior to roles used by teuthology should not require a secrets repo the following had to be in /etc/ansible/hosts/group_vars/all.yml.

lab_domain: teuthology

ansible_sudo: true
ansible_user: ubuntu
# add to /etc/hosts
kernel_options: ''
lab_name: lab
ansible_user_ssh_keys: []
epel_mirror_baseurl: ""
teuthology_user: "ubuntu"
admin_users: []
lab_users: []
resolvconf: []
modify_fstab: false