Configuring redmine turnkeylinux on OpenStack

A turnkeylinux redmine is installed to store the tasks and files related to the management of the OpenStack cluster. It is configured for git public read-only access ( git clone ) and online browsing.

The default user password for the admin user is turnkey : it is not mentionned in the description page on turnkeylinux. It is not mentionned in the FAQ. The root password is not mentionned either but it shows in the virtual machine output, which can be browsed from the dashboard using the Instance Console Log tab of the View Log window for the instance.

The password can be set using the turnkey-init from the root prompt. When the turnkey documentation writes Credentials (passwords set at first boot): it is a reference to the fact the turnkey-init should be run at first boot. However, it is not run in the case of images generated for OpenStack and must therefore be run manually.

The git repositories are located in the /srv/repos/git/

root@redmine ~# ls /srv/repos/git/
helloworld  public

and are created as follows:

# cd /srv/repos/git/
# mkdir newrepository.git
# cd newrepository.git
# git init --bare

The default post-update is activated to run git update-server-info to enable read-only http access.

# mv newrepository.git/hooks/post-update.sample newrepository.git/hooks/post-update

It can then be bound to a new project in redmine, using the Repositories tab of the Settings panel.

When it is cloned for the first time,

git clone ssh://

the initial git push must be done with:

git push origin master

to create the master branch in the bare repository. When the commit message contains a reference to a ticket the corresponding commit will show in the ticket display itself as follows:

The helloworld example projects demonstrating integration with other VCS such as svn or bzr are removed from the redmine projects. The corresponding daemons are disabled to reduce the memory footprint of the virtual machine.

for i in webmin bzr svnserve ; do
  update-rc.d $i disable
  /etc/init.d/$i stop

Read only access is configured for all git repositories with:

# echo Alias /git /srv/repos/git >> /etc/apache2/conf/redmine.conf